Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does Uni Genie help students?

Is finding a time to meet other students a problem for you? Well not anymore, Uni Genie knows when you and other students are available to meet! Simply create a LinkUp, add your fellow students and see the times that everyone can meet!

2) What can I do in a LinkUp?

Here you can see the times that you and other students can all meet. You can add/view/mute members, and the group admin (person who created the LinkUp) can select the desired time and add it into the ‘Meeting Time’ tab along with the location, and any other additional information about the meeting.

3) Who is the admin of a LinkUp?

The group admin is the person who created the LinkUp.

4) Was Uni Genie really made by a student?

Yes! View the ‘Story’ page of our website to see how Uni Genie came to fruition.

5) Why can’t I upload a profile photo?

To upload a photo we must have your permission. If you didn’t give us permission when prompted in the app, simply:

Go to your phone Settings – Scroll down & find Uni Genie – Select it – Select PhotosRead and Write.


6) What is the Mute button for?

This feature helps Uni Genie remain as accurate and efficient as possible.

Enter a Commitment Page: If you have a frequent commitment, such as a lecture, that has been cancelled one week, you can use the mute function here to free that time slot up in your Group Availability. Then, simply select it on your schedule the following week to unmute it when that commitment is active again.

Group Members Page: If a group member is away and the rest of members in a LinkUp wish to meet, the admin of the group can mute the absent member(s) so the ‘Group Availability’ times will disregard that person’s schedule. This prevents the absent member(s) having to be deleted from the LinkUp and added back on their return.

7) Is Uni Genie free?

YES! Uni Genie is completely FREE to use.

8) I’m on the ‘Group Availability’ page, why can’t I see any times?

Make sure you have selected a duration time (the length of the meeting you require) in the ‘Duration’ button at the top right of the page. If you have done this and can’t see times for a day that week which has gone, select ‘Next Week’ to view times for that day.

9) What do I need to enter into ‘My Schedule’ for Uni Genie to help?

For Uni Genie to know when you’re available, we first need to know when you are busy. Don’t worry you only have to do this once per term! Enter your lecture/seminar times, work shifts and any other weekly commitments you have here. Simply use the ‘Repeat’ field to make commitments daily, weekly, bi weekly or monthly – so you only have to enter it once.

10) How do I enter a time into the ‘Meeting Time’ tab?

The group administrator is the person who can do this. All the admin needs to do is press the chosen meeting time in ‘Group Availability’ and this will add your selected time into ‘Meeting Time’.

11) Further Questions

If you have a question that is not discussed above, please get in touch with us via the ‘Contact Us’ tab.