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Uni Genie - Link Up

Uni Genie – We Give Students One Less Problem

Every student knows the difficulty in trying to collate diaries together to find a time to meet with other students during a hectic Uni week.

This is one of the biggest, most prevalent problems that all students across all degrees face on a weekly basis.

Uni Genie - Link Up

Study groups, sports trainings, committee meetings and social events to name but a few, all have members missing due to the meeting time chosen being unsuitable for some.

Uni Genie Solves This Completely!

Simply add your commitments once per term, create a LinkUp and add your group members. Easy. Uni Genie shows you the times when everyone is free to meet.

It’s oh so simple… It’s oh so effective… It’s oh so necessary.

This isn’t an avaricious corporation trying to exploit. This was made in a Starbucks by someone who knows exactly how stressful university is, and has found a way to make life that little bit easier for the student population. A utilitarian entrepreneur if you will.

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for.

It’s 100% FREE.

Give yourself one less problem and download it NOW!

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